Thread Lift Treatment in Gurgaon


The Safest Cosmetic Procedure Revitalizes Your Skin In A Day

Sagging skin is one of the first signs of aging. It happens when collagen production gradually decreases. If this is causing you great distress, you have the ability to change it.Thanks to the advancements in the field of cosmetic procedures, previously, one would have to undergo the surgical procedure of surgically removing the lost skin.If that is too intimidating for you, thread lift is another great technique to achieve the same results but without going under the knife.

What is ThreadLift?

Thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure that uses surgical threads to lift and tighten the skin. The threads are inserted into the skin through a small incision and then pulled tight to create a lifting effect. Thread lifts can be used to correct mild to moderate wrinkles and sagging skin, and the results typically last for around two years.

Thread lifting may be combined with other skin procedures such as fillers or botox to maximise effectiveness in achieving the desired result.

Benefits of Thread lift

The top reason why threadlift is gaining popularity so rapidly is its noninvasiveness. There are barely any scars, bleeding, or chances of any other complications. Other benefits of thread lift involve:

  • Short and easy recovery period: Unlike, surgery, the thread lift procedure does not entail complete bed rest or a strict routine. You can quickly get back to your normal life.
  • Non-invasive procedure: The precautions required are less than those required for surgery.
  • No aggressive medications are required: You will not be prescribed strong medications after the procedure that may have side-effects.
  • Immediate results: Thread lift achieves the result you are looking for almost instantaneously. After your procedure, you'll have tight skin and a youthful glow.
  • Long-lasting effects: Despite being a non-surgery method, the effects of threadlift remain for at least a year.
Thread lift Treatment in Gurgaon

Our thread lift patients have been really happy with the complete procedure and, most importantly, the results. It is because we not only have expert hands, but we have chosen the best thread quality in the market. Some threads we use in our thread lift procedure:

PDO Cog threads- These are best for mild to moderate facelift : They have zingers that hook into your skin to enable you to lift certain parts of your face.

GPDO Mono threads : These stimulate the formation of new fibrotic tissues surrounding the pre-existing surrounding fibrotic tissues, causing the whole structure to become denser and stronger. This adds definition to the face.

These colourless polyester threads are biodegradable. They gradually dissolve in the skin with the passage of time without causing any harm or adverse side-effects.

Dermatologists at Excellence Esthetics have a thorough understanding of the mechanisms that govern how these threads behave differently on faces with different anatomical structures.The techniques also differ accordingly.

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A thread lift is a non-surgical face lifting technique in which the surgeon uses a suturing method to suspend the lost skin. This means a part of your facial skin will be stitched up. As a result, your skin will slightly pull back, lifting your skin, enhancing your features and producing a tightening effect.