Mesotherapy Treatment in Gurgaon



Mesotherapy is a popular non-surgical procedure that gives optimal results. In this treatment, your scalp is injected with vitamins and minerals that help in improving blood flow which ensures hair revitalization and regrowth. Mesotherapy or micro-needling can be effective in treating hair loss or hair thinning problems for both men and women of all ages. As a minimally-invasive alternative to promote hair regrowth and solve your hair concerns, mesotherapy is a great and affordable treatment that can give you healthier-looking hair in no time. If you are looking for mesotherapy treatment in Gurgaon then you are the right place.

Stimulates hair follicles

Mesotherapy helps stimulate these hair follicles with tiny needles, triggering growth factors from keratinocytes, which are crucial in promoting hair growth and regrowth.

Direct delivery route to the dermis layer

Mesotherapy is an improved delivery system allowing for a direct, physical pathway deep into the dermis layer of your skin. With a higher, targeted precision, active substances can now be efficiently delivered to the dermis, resulting in better results.

Safe, painless, and reliable

Compared to the invasive and surgical treatment for baldness and thinning hair, mesotherapy is an advanced solution that assures a safe and painless experience. This is done through a controlled perforation in the skin. It leaves no damage to the surrounding tissue.

Enhance scalp health

On top of promoting hair regrowth and rejuvenating the hair follicles, mesotherapy can also provide overall rejuvenation for your scalp. The puncturing of small, tiny needles on your scalp promotes angiogenesis - the development of new blood vessels from existing ones - and vasculogenesis - the development of completely new blood vessels.

Say No To Hair Fall, Yes To Strong Healthy Hair- Enjoy The Best Hair Fall Treatment At Excellence Esthetics

Heavy hair fall can be a matter of concern for many. It has various causes. If you are looking to go beyond trying to figure out these causes and do something about it practically, we know just the place! Excellence Esthetics provides the best hair fall treatment in town with guaranteed results of faster hair regrowth and better hair quality.

What causes heavy hair fall?
  • Pollution
  • Excessive heating and styling
  • Side effects of certain medicines and surgeries
  • Lack of iron and protein
  • Prolonged fever like typhoid, covid, or dengue
  • Pregnancy
  • High level of stress
  • Symptoms of certain diseases and disorders
  • Menopause
  • Smoking

In this procedure, with the use of a derma roller, mesogen, or insulin syringe, multiple microholes are created over the scalp and through these microholes, some hair growth stimulating nutrients (anti-hair-loss solution, stem cell serum, or platelet-rich plasma) are injected into the scalp. These, then, work towards making your hair follicles activate and increase the blood circulation in your scalp. A few sessions can work wonders for your hair and can visibly reduce your hair fall. Excellence Esthetics is one of the best skin clinic in Gurgaon for mesotherapy treatment. We have managed to deliver optimal results so far. Contact us today if you are looking for mesotherapy treatment in Gurgaon.


In this treatment, your scalp is injected with vitamins and minerals that help in improving blood flow which ensures hair revitalization and regrowth.