Mole Removal Treatment


Say No To Moles, Yes to Beautiful Skin- Enjoy Best Mole Removal Treatment in Delhi

Moles appear as dark brownish or black spots on the skin. They can vary in size and appear on any part of the body. If you are wondering if the dark skin spot is not doing any justice to your beauty, you have all the options to remove it in the world of cosmetics. Excellence Esthetics will give you the best mole removal option in town.

What Are Moles?

Moles are skin growths that are formed by a cluster of pigment-forming cells called melanocytes. They can appear alone or in groups. They are non-cancerous, much like skin tags and warts.

Types of Moles

Medical professionals refer to moles as "melanocytic naevi". But moles have various classifications based on the time they appear in life and their appearance. Ones that appear before 6 months of age are termed "Congenital Melanocytic Naevi." Some other types of moles are:

  • Dermal moles.
  • Compound moles.
  • Red moles.
  • Blue moles.
  • Junctional moles.
Mole Removal at Excellence Esthetics

Excellence Esthetics is the top center for beauty enhancement, employing only the best equipment for each and every procedure while also offering all at a satisfactory price range.

Excellence Esthetics guarantees a 100 percent effective mole removal treatment by utilising modern radiofrequency (RF) cautery technology.To transmit radiowaves, a fine loop of thin platinum wire is used. It uses a needle to pierce soft tissue, coagulating blood vessels and damaging target cells. There is no bleeding or pain in the process.

We use this technique as it is the most effective one, currently used worldwide and also research-approved. Moles also do not usually reappear again in a lifetime.

Do you want to know more about our mole removal technique? Meet the mole-removing experts at Esthetic Excellence. Call us for an appointment.