Ingrown Toenail Surgery


Don't Let Your Ingrowns Grow - Best Ingrown Toenail Surgery in town at Excellence Esthetics

Ingrown toenails have become a common problem faced by a number of individuals. They can be very painful and troublesome. If not treated, along with pain and discomfort, they can also cause infections, difficulty in walking, and swelling. Excellence Esthetics provides an effective ingrown toenail surgical treatment that gives optimal results by treating them and combating all the effects of this issue.

What is an ingrown toenail?

Ingrown toenails refer to a condition in which nails grow down the skin of the toe. It generally occurs in the big toe. The nail incorrectly grows into the nail bed of the toe. It is one of the most common medical issues faced by individuals and can be very painful and difficult to get rid of manually.

Causes :
  • Wearing improper or tight footwear
  • Cutting nails incorrectly
  • Strenuous activity that might cause toenail trauma
  • Tearing/biting off the corners of the toenail
What is Ingrown Toenail Surgery?

Ingrown toenails are difficult to remove manually. Hence, surgical removal treatment of an ingrown toenail has become quite important and popular. Depending on your toenail, the procedure might involve removing a small portion of the affected nail or the complete toenail. The adjacent nail bed beneath this part is then destroyed. The nail is treated and reshaped in such a way that it does not tug into the skin anymore and can regrow properly.

Ingrown Toenail Surgery at Excellence Esthetics

Here at Excellence Esthetics, our doctors follow a generalized and licensed surgical treatment to treat the ingrown toenails. First, we apply anesthesia/numbing cream onto the toenail. Then, the nail is cut to create a new and clean nail corner. The tissue underneath the nail (nail bed) is then destroyed. After proper healing, the nail can go back to a natural growth pattern and regrow healthy nails without causing any pain or discomfort.

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