Earlobe Repair Treatment


Earlobe Repair Treatment

Ear Lobe Repair Benefits:
  • Treats splits and elongation of earlobes
  • Improves the appearance of earlobes
  • Reduces swelling and pain in earlobes
  • Restores the functionality of earlobes
  • Get piercings and wear earrings
  • Earlobes look tighter and younger
  • Easy and quick procedure
Treat Your Earlobes The Right Way - Enjoy The Best Earlobe Repair Treatment in Delhi At Excellence Esthetics

Earlobes are the most vulnerable part of your ears. If your earlobes have split or gotten elongated, you might want to get a repair treatment. Excellence Esthetics provides the best earlobe repair treatment which guarantees 100% results.

What are the causes of earlobe injury?
  • Wearing heavy earrings regularly
  • Pulling and tugging on the earlobe
  • Multiple piercings on the earlobe
  • Sudden external injury
  • Insertion of gauges
What is Earlobe Repair Treatment?

It is a quick and convenient procedure. The earlobe is sanitized and anesthetized. The extra skin is removed. Skin tissues may be restructured if necessary. This wound is then sealed in layers, to take the burden off the outer part of the incision on the earlobe. It heals further and repairs the earlobe.

Earlobe Repair Treatment at Excellence Esthetics

Earlobe Repair Treatment (Lobuloplasty) at Excellence Esthetics provides a quick and effective corrective procedure for your earlobes. Our doctors use various surgical processes to treat and reconstruct your affected earlobes. The damaged part of the skin is removed from the earlobe and the remaining part is then reconstructed and stitched together. There is absolutely no pain or discomfort. You can easily restore the original shape and functionality of your earlobes.

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